OTRVS227 Height Control Valve OTR Brand

Height Control Valve for Hendrickson

– Automatically adds air to, or exhausts air from air suspension to maintain constant static design height.
– Does not respond to short duration dynamic changes in axle position, thus reducing air consumption which extends compressor life and saves fuel.


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Euclid Euclid Hendrickson: E11494 E11855 22110-001
Haldex: 90054007
Hendrickson: 50433001, 50433002, 60826, 6082600, 60826000, S1329, VS227, 22110-001
Hendrickson/Turner: A24642, A28651, S24508
Mack: 20QE3345, 400 0-60826000
Meritor: R3011494
Midland: H15884BA
Neway: 1237423D000
Newstar: S-26985


Weight 1.8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 4 in


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