801073P Automatic Slack Adjuster

28 Splines, 5-1/2″ Lever Automatic Slack Adjuster


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Automann: 139.2831
Dayton: 05-363
Euclid: E11401, E11401A, E-11401
Ford: 4C4Z2041DA
IHC: 2018227C91
International: 2018227C91
Meritor: A283275H1152S, A323275H1152, A413275Z1144, R801070, R801072, R801073, R802462, R803110, A23275A599S, A23275N768S, A23275U593S, A23275W595S, A233275H1152S, A243275H1152, A273275H1152S, A293275A599S, A293275U593S, A323275N768, A353275A1145, A353275H1152S, A353275A1145S, A363275Z1144S, A373275N768, A393275A1145, A393275A1145S, A393275Z1144, A393275Z1144S, A413275A1145, A433275A1145S, A433275Z1144S, A443275A599S, A443275U593S, A443275Z1144, A443275Z1145, A463275Z1144S, A463275A1145S, A473275A1145, A473275Z1144, A563275A599S, A563275U593S, A573275A1145, A573275Z1144, R801079, R802440, R802441, R802444, R802445, R802446, R802447, R802463, R803044, R803045, R803046, R803047, R803048, R803049, R803050, R803051, R803052, R803053, R803108


Weight 7.5 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 6 × 3 in


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