Flex Tubing 5in X 24in Galvanized

Flex Tubing 5in X 18in Galvanized


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Make Series Additional Information
Mack CH612 (No Year)
Mack CH613 (No Year)
Mack CHN612 (No Year)
Mack CHN613 (No Year)
Mack Granite CTP713 (No Year)
Mack Granite CV713 (No Year)
Mack Granite GU713 (No Year)
Mack Granite GU813 (No Year)
Mack Pinnacle CHU612 (No Year)
Mack Pinnacle CHU613 (No Year)
Mack Pinnacle CXU612 (No Year)
Mack Pinnacle CXU613 (No Year)
Mack Titan (No Year)
Mack Vision CNX612 (No Year)
Mack Vision CX612 (No Year)
Volvo/White VNL 670 Gen 1 (1996-2003) (No Year)
Volvo/White VNL 670 Gen 2 (2003-2019) (No Year)


Weight 4.4 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 6 × 6 in


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